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The breeze it blows My hair around my face Curls tangled and knotted Like our feelings confused and Mixed up like morning’s half-awake mess My face wet from the cold rain Summer evading time and space We walk, you limp, I slow my pace But wonder whether your love will wait As my heart threatens to run away   Tall buildings and beautiful architecture You recall tales of times gone by Stories I listen to intently Yet know they will later pass me by Your voice, a twangy soft tone Gentleness true, like cotton wool balls Clouds drifting aimlessly Nothing threatened yet all anew My mind is muddled, befuddled My heartbeat a sonnet, a song   Coming from it the most beautiful sound As I watch in wonder at your realness aground The rain keeps coming You reach out and take my hand Our fingers touch, electricity bolts Through my body a thousand volts I pull away knowing it’s too much How can I bear the lovingness of such? When you’re so close now, closer than ever   A force from you comes shining through A bright lightning strike A thunderclap of rolling thunder A message delivered by the universe Like gravity it pulls and tugs As if from God in the heavens above Looking down and the message is clear The words saying don’t give up Don’t move from each other away You can stay together…for another day.

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And if you'd like to read some more of my poetry I have a collection of 30 poems in my book Sunshine after Rain.

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