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I wrote this poem – friends…discombobulated – over a year ago when I first started working seriously on the manuscript for my third book – currently titled Trust is a Big Word – though this may change.

For those of you not up to date with my next story it is about a friendship which begins online, across Twitter, as a bit of harmless flirtation and which ends up crossing the line and developing into an illicit affair, the main character is married.

It is a story about why so many people stay in relationships and make do, thinking they are not worth more, getting so comfortable in their relationship they lose their own identity and how one casual comment can turn their world upside down, make life worth living again.

It is a story of love and lust, of friendship and more and of how accepting who you are can create a whole new world where you can live, and breathe and laugh…it’s going to be an incredible story.

And in the meantime this poem catches some of the essence of the book…hope you enjoy it.

I always believed you would be the one

From the wannabe excitement to the

Fat belly diets and silly football jokes

Besties through the good and the bad

But then something changed

Like ships on the wild sea, discombobulated

The clouds leaked unwanted watching

Into what became a useless, wrong lazy love

From gay spring happiness to utter desperate failure

Our love from virgin pure

To a disgusting addiction, intoxication

Now unusable, a one-sided single passion it seemed

Ears listened no more, lips moved wordless

Emerging, sounds solidifying on the ice air

Likes and fans, watching moving Twitter blue

Our bed a cake of disappointment

Bitter taste on our tongues,

Like a telling off from our mums

So we turned away from each other

To never return, to never say I could love you again.


Thank you for reading and I hope to share some of my writing with you again soon. Until next time, Happy Reading, Happy Writing, Happy You.

Soulla xxx

PS: My poetry collection Sunshine after Rain is available as an e-book download on Amazon…why not take a look here? Mwah xxx




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Hi everyone and welcome to my poetry post this week. This is a special one as it will feature in my third novel, currently titled Trust is a Big Word but this may change. The story is set in London and Scotland and follows the friendship of two people who then become involved in an illicit affair; chatting on Twitter begins as a bit of harmless flirtation but quickly escalates into something much more intense and passionate and there’s no going back…or is there? Are Alexander and Maria in too deep? Will they leave the lives they know to be together or will circumstances and old habits keep them apart? Can’t wait to share it with you towards the end of 2019/beginning of 2020.


The first time I saw you was before you saw me

Walking towards me, consciously unaware I was there

I observed you whole, your walk, your look, your stare


Like an outlined drawing I could now fill in the blanks

The gait of your step, the movement of your swagger

How tall you were and the way you held your head


I averted my eyes to avoid you yet noticing me

I wanted that moment of recognition just right to be

One of held locked gaze, not a crumpled weight


Colours of want and pages of love swept through me

Long felt caresses, silver-edged dreams almost a reality

Melting deep within me, sensations infused me abound


Then you caught my eye, and smiled an open song

A collision of desire and brushstroke this is for real

You took me in your arms and wrapped me in scarlet lust


Our hearts tender, entwined threads of silk in fine gold

A sip of eternity as our lips for the first time touched

Creamy beads I felt release as I breathed a heart’s wisp


And you held me there for seconds but of all eternity

Lost in your strength, a wrap of comfort, love’s creation

Inside the fluttering white wings of angels dusted my heart



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The breeze it blows

My hair around my face

Curls tangled and knotted

Like our feelings confused and

Mixed up like morning’s half-awake mess

My face wet from the cold rain

Summer evading time and space

We walk, you limp, I slow my pace

But wonder whether your love will wait

As my heart threatens to run away


Tall buildings and beautiful architecture

You recall tales of times gone by

Stories I listen to intently

Yet know they will later pass me by

Your voice, a twangy soft tone

Gentleness true, like cotton wool balls

Clouds drifting aimlessly

Nothing threatened yet all anew

My mind is muddled, befuddled

My heartbeat a sonnet, a song


Coming from it the most beautiful sound

As I watch in wonder at your realness aground

The rain keeps coming

You reach out and take my hand

Our fingers touch, electricity bolts

Through my body a thousand volts

I pull away knowing it’s too much

How can I bear the lovingness of such?

When you’re so close now, closer than ever


A force from you comes shining through

A bright lightning strike

A thunderclap of rolling thunder

A message delivered by the universe

Like gravity it pulls and tugs

As if from God in the heavens above

Looking down and the message is clear

The words saying don’t give up

Don’t move from each other away

You can stay together…for another day.

Thank you for reading my poetry and for visiting my website. If there’s anything I can help you with please comment below or fill out my contact form. 

And if you’d like to read some more of my poetry I have a collection of 30 poems in my book Sunshine after Rain.

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This is one of my poems which was published on – where words matter – on May 19th, 2018. It’s about that little word love which has the power to build us up, knock us down, have us sitting up in the clouds, or mooching around in our jim-jams all day unable to do anything!

I hope you enjoy it! 


Careless carefree love

Rose tinted giggles, memories

Discarded clothes

Tangled lace panties,

shocking pink bra

Your passion takes me

A surprise hot flame

Which wanton

Lays me bare

Flowing and perfum’d

Bed covers strewn

Pillows crumpled

Jealous love ravaging

Winking at me with burning intensity

Holding me hard, breathless


First disbelief

Heaven on earth is this

My balance evaporates

As I lay vulnerable, open

Your wild hunger grabs all of me


Your conviction wanting

Love, master over my secret

Trustless longing over and over

As gazing forth, our bodies on fire

You’re inside melting me.

Thank you for joining me this week and if you’d like to read some more of my poetry my collection of 30 poems, Sunshine after Rain, is available as an ebook on Amazon. 

Until next time, enjoy the loving! 

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Welcome to this week’s blogpost and I hope you’re having a great week. I’ll be honest with you my planned schedule changed and I was a bit stumped on what to post this week and then realised that I haven’t really shared my poetry with you for a while…so here it goes…I’ve chosen three poems from my collection Sunshine after Rain for you…enjoy!


Cold was the wind that carried through the air

Hands tight, deep in layers to find

Warm as the jagged bruising weight of his

Heart cherished her sweet purple lips

Cold was the imagery of the shuddering hills

Hands grasping across in mockery of his

Warm but eroded, wounded love as a

Heart once smiled now twisted echoic

Cold was the glimmer of sweet bay and laurel

Hands pearly white, pearlier and pearliest

Warm but perplexed as inertia shrouds his

Heart with ecliptic night, indigo memories

Cold was the un-knowing slavish squint as

Hands pulled and groped and lingered

Warm on teared eyes with rivulets as her

Heart traced his frown, an avalanche of agape

Cold was the hope soaked crimson

Hands reaching out to assure, to herald

Warm the lame, heretofore perish not

Heart lengthened, impressed strong as she



Tears running salty down my face

Worrying about tomorrow

I don’t think I can cope

Faltering, walking a tight rope

I look down into an abyss

A mass of crashing waves and rocks

Nothingness strangles my wavering control

Suffocates my breathing, my soul

When all I see is more stress and sorrow

There’s no point in hiding

Who do I turn to? Where do I run?

My life is no longer fun

I close my tired eyes, I feel an angel

She strokes my face and wipes my tears

And I know as her serenity envelopes me

That what will be will be.

So I wipe my tears and paint a smile

I’m here right now with a happy heart

I cannot change a thing it’s taken a while to see

But now I choose my here and now, to be free.



Every time she looked at the sky

She wondered where the fluffy puffs came from

Did her mother tell her a lie?

Cloud after cloud appeared, shapeless shapes

Grey and white and all the shades in between

Swags and tails of flowing drapes

Has the sun disappeared for good?

Will it find its way over or under or through?

She hoped and dreamed it would

A shift in the coolest lightest breeze

She looks up, drifting cirrus high and cumulus low

A family moving in unison she sees

Silver she spies at the periphery of each

A shining edge, a lace hem, a gilded throne

A glow of orange, of lemon, of peach

Lining the blue as if true to her pining

She realises her mother was right

Every cloud has a silver lining


My collection of poetry is currently available in a Kindle downloadable format exclusively from Amazon. Here is the link to Sunshine after Rain. I hope you’ll enjoy the collection which is available for free on KindleUnlimited or for 0.99 on Kindle.

And thank you for reading! Big hug and much love, Soulla x 

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I recently entered a competition on Instagram to win a book titled Magic Hour A Mermaid’s Tale written by S. Daniels. I won a beautifully signed copy of the story and its title reminded me of a poem I wrote back in February 2017 and so I’m sharing here…I hope you enjoy it.

Behind her, angles, the fabric of life
The solid architecture of man’s design
She wades into the warm ocean
Cracked soles sinking into the soft sand


Around her feet, a sensation, a tingling
Ripples, circles of magical magnetism
A fragile mass of body and soul
The water silk, caressing her blistered skin


Bruises fade, then disappear
Cuts once bleeding, now heal
Bare breasts revealed under the dazzling sun
The spray gently kissing her long limbs


The spray of the surf unrelenting
Below, the azure waters beckon her
Above heaven’s skies, jagged crack open
Her dark wavy locks soaked heavy


Eyelids shining, a shimmering gold
She lowers her dark brown eyes
Long eyelashes close over them
Breathing in the sharp, salt air
She tastes the sting of wet drops on her lips
And then her heart uplifting, floating,
As the spray washes over her, all of her
Joy unrelenting, crashes up through her belly


Undulating, rolling waves swallow her
Lightless, airy, an angel of the briny deep
Her legs ache with absolute bliss
Her tail emerges, turquoise scales


Ultra-marine, cobalt, sparkling hues
She dips and twists, crystal rocks
Seaweed, fish and creatures of the sea
Inviting her to the depths of the ocean
She breathes in and out, bubbles escaping her lips
She opens her eyes, safe as can be
Here in the magic, is where she belongs
This is her fantasy, her mermaid’s dream.


For more of my poetry you can download Sunshine after Rain from Amazon here. It is free on Kindle Unlimited and only 99p to download.

And if you love mermaids as much as I do you can buy S. Daniel’s book here as well as connect with her on Instagram @author_sdaniels and here is a little overview of her wonderful book for you:

“It is the tail end of dusk, and David McAllister, an adventurous seaman traveling the world on his yacht, is gazing at the stars and wondering what his next exciting experience will be. As he scans the dark Costa Rican waters where he is anchored, he sees the silhouette of a woman, only to watch her disappear beneath the waves. Intrigued, the next day he begins asking questions of the locals and hears tales of a fish woman. Meanwhile, a mermaid who knows herself only as Gem has been captivated by the sight of David. Although she’s fled humans for as long as she can remember, she finds herself unable to forget him. Their meeting marks the start of an amazing adventure for both of them, taking them to uncharted destinations and beyond. In this fantasy tale, a sailor and a mermaid are drawn to each other in the midst of magical events that will change both their lives forever.” 

It promises to be an absolutely magical tale!

Enjoy your summer reading, until next time, Soulla x

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Hello! Welcome back to my poetry blog! This poem was inspired by one of my lazy Sunday walks around the beautiful Kenwood House and its wonderful lush green grounds and open parkland…It was a particularly bright sunny day and there were people spilling across the grass, huddled under the shade of the huge trees, children chasing each other. It was one of those rare but wonderful days to be out in the open air.

I remember sitting in the courtyard of the cafe with my fresh mint tea and a slice of homemade lemon drizzle cake sprinkled with poppy seeds. Under a shady umbrella, the sun still catching my arms, I sat scribbling away in my notebook…something I always carry with me as you never know when inspiration will hit and I always want to be ready…I hope you enjoy it!


Children playing in bare feet

Rosy cheeks aglow in the heat

Up above a sheet of blue

A bird flies by, I lean in kissing you


Holding hands, we stroll along

In my head repeats our song

Our fingers entwined, we walk

Whispering nothings, silly talk


Green rolling mounds climb around us

Grass filled with daisies and buttercups

Ducks quacking, feathers fluff

Climbing the hills with a huff


Boys playing football, girls flying kites

Yellow ribbons, orange stripes

Trees thick with emerald leaves

Foliage, flora and fauna breathes


Picnic hampers, happy sunbathers

Trousers rolled up and petticoat gathers

Flowing summer dresses and flip flops

Girls making daisy chains, boys jumping hop scotch


Dogs excited to be off their leads

Running wildly, chasing bees

A chorus of happy birthday fills the air

The wind blows and I hold my hair


We sit a while, poppy seed lemon cake

Strawberry and rhubarb posh pops take

We people watch, relax a while

You reach across to me and smile


Young girls, first love’s flush

As they feel dreamy and lush

Takes me back to years ago

A teenager in love, a lifetime ago


Walls covered in lichen, all shades of green

A robin red breast pecking is seen

Cream canvas umbrellas a welcome shade bring

Pigeons fight and a magpie sits like a king


A sandwich wrapper catches on the wind

Blows away high, high in the trees

A toddler chases a waddling duck

An old man his newspaper at a wasp chucks


A girl limps past her ankle bandaged

Pain a grimace the bone damaged

I wonder who she’s searching for

But know with you I need no more.

#POEMSC an original poem by Soulla Christodoulou


I really hope you liked this and if you’d like to read more of my poetry, you can download a copy of my collection, Sunshine After Rain, here.

Many thanks for reading, until next time…happy summer days…Soulla x

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Your words ringing in my ears
Sensitive to pain as to light
Foreboding layers, my grey fears
A veiled cloud across my sight
Anxiety invades in frantic bouts
Strangling, clenching tight
It is not how it should be I doubt
Yet I have no more inner fight
This love feels now like darkness
Irrational emotions over boiling
Strangling me and you no less
As a sticky panic begins choking
What’s happened to our joyous joy?
All those bubbling feelings inside?
Is this disquietude a cruel ploy?
I’m all edginess descending a slide
As you take me in your arms
The trepidation slowly subsides
The tension no longer me harms
And love reappears on all my outsides.
Thank you for reading my poetry…Id love to hear your comments, so please feel free to leave your thoughts below.
And if you’d like to read some more my poetry collection Sunshine after Rain is available on Amazon.
Much love, Soulla x
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Thank you for joining me this week as I share with you the inspiration for the title of my book.

The title of my novel The Summer Will Come has been taken from the poem written by Evagoras Pallikarides.

Evagoras Pallikarides was a hero and poet. He was born on 27th February 1938 and died on 14th March 1957, aged 19; he was hung for his involvement in EOKA by the British.

A day before his trial, and having decided to join the EOKA fighters in the mountains, Pallikarides broke into his school and left a message and poem for his fellow students to read the following morning:

‘Dear school friends, At this time, someone is missing from among you, someone who has left in search of the fresh air of Liberty, someone who you might not see alive again. Don’t cry at his graveside. It won’t do for you to cry. A few spring flowers scatter on his grave. This is enough for him…’


I’ll take an uphill road
I’ll take the paths
To find the stairs
That lead to freedom

I’ll leave brothers, sisters
My mother, my father
In the valleys beyond
And the mountainsides

Searching for freedom
I’ll have as company
The white snow
Mountains and torrents

Even if it’s winter now
The summer will come
Bringing Freedom
To cities and villages

I’ll take an uphill road
I’ll take the paths
To find the stairs
That lead to freedom

I’ll climb the stairs
I’ll enter a palace
I know it will be an illusion
I know it won’t be real

I’ll wander in the palace
Until I find the throne
Only a queen
Sitting on it

Beautiful daughter, I will say,
Open your wings
And take me in your embrace
That’s all I ask…’


He signed it Evagoras Pallikarides on 5th December 1955.

(He was to appear in court on 6th December 1955, the following day)


Thank you for the interest you have shown in my novel which is due for release on Amazon on 25th March 2018. 

Thank you for reading!

If you live in north London and would like to join me at my Celebratory Launch Party then please contact me by email for details of the date, venue and time:

I would love to see you there! 








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Hello and welcome to the last blog post of 2017!

It’s that time of year when so many of us take time to reflect on the year that is almost over and we begin to plan ahead and think about things to come. What has made you happy and brought joy to your heart this year? What obstacles and challenges have you faced and how did you overcome them? Have your experiences changed the way you think or feel about certain aspects or people in your life? Perhaps you’ve lost someone dear to you. I’ve had highs and lows this year and I’m looking forward with a grateful heart that I am here to welcome 2018 with open arms, an open mind and an open heart. 

Life often just happens TO some of us while others have the attitude of I’M going to make life happen for ME. Either way I hope you enjoy this poem taken from my poetry collection SUNSHINE AFTER RAIN. ( )

It’s been a long while coming

But cannot stop moving, cannot stop running

Thoughts whirling round in my head

Kindly words, promises said, whispers unsaid

What happened to our forever after?

Our joyous days filled with laughter?

Did habit and comfort get in the way?

Forgetting too often ‘I love you’ to say?

Life rushes, demanding space and energy

Losing ourselves to imbalanced symmetry

Hollow kisses, vacant glances and hurried caresses

The ticking clock a reminder time on presses

Early dawn mornings and late night slumber

Aching bones and tired limbs outnumber

Hours spent in front of blue screens

Or idly watching television’s mundane scenes

But we must turn to each other anew

Make joint our efforts to be honest and true

To notice again beauty, joy and radiance

Breathe in rose perfume, amber fragrance

We unfold achingly, colours of a new bloom

Togetherness, unity in the same room

Holding tight, can’t let go

How did we almost let our ‘us’ away blow?

With one accord, in each other lost

Our bursting hearts’ passions embossed

We divert attention and feed love’s funnel

Rejoicing we found light at the end of the tunnel

Wishing you all a very happy New Year 2018 full of dreams come true and many blessings.

Big hug and much love, Soulla xxx

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