Who Am I?

Hi. My name’s Soulla and I’m an author.

But for the longest time, I didn’t pursue my dream of writing and if I’m honest felt silly talking about wanting to be a writer.

For as long as I can remember I have been writing and reading. I was the girl at school who was always three or four books ahead of the other pupils in a book series and I was the one who needed just one more minute to finish what I was writing or begged the teacher to let me stay in at break time just so that I could carry on writing.

This continued into adulthood and so for a number of years I continued to write the odd poem, a chapter here, a story idea there. But as with so many creatives, life and work and family took over and I got on with my day-to-day life of being the best I could be at whatever job I was doing…sales manager, marketing manager, volunteer at the local playgroup, running my own Wedding Planner business, running my own Giftware Company with my sister and finally a teacher.

But it was my teaching career that finally catapulted me into writing again. Don’t get me wrong either…I loved teaching. I loved the interaction with the students, I enjoyed the writing aspect too…reading through business studies coursework, even marking it was therapeutic for me…picking out mistakes and re-writing sentences so that they read better. I enjoyed putting plans and business proposals together and was always the member of staff asked to cast a final eye over something before it was published. Getting involved in English one-to-one tuition at school for KS3 and GCSE enabled me to fall in love with language and words all over again. It reminded me, when as a child, I used to read the dictionary just to find new words!

Then two years ago things began to shift at work which made me question my vocation and what sort of a life I wanted to lead and what sort of person I wanted to be.

I wanted to find something that made me tick again. Made me want to shout with joy and which wanted to make me jump out of bed in the mornings; excited me. I stumbled across the details of a writing class one cold, grey January afternoon and although I was afraid of rejection (aren’t we all?) I decided to enrol.

I was scared to death to share my writing with the class, but secretly that’s what I longed to do, to gain recognition, validation. That first piece of feedback was a real mixed bag of positive comments and a whole list of things I’d done wrong but instead of putting me off the feedback lit a fire beneath me.

It was from this point that my attitude and mindset changed and I began to think of myself as an aspiring writer. Every waking moment was spent writing and re-writing. Something in me woke up.

My writing has also connected me with a wonderful charity in California which I am very much involved in as a contributor of handwritten letters every month to support and give hope to women diagnosed with breast cancer. One of my letters will be featured in a book ‘Dear Friend’ out in September 2017.

I am also one of those ‘it could be worse’ people; I always look at the positive spin of everything that happens and many of my Instagram posts and Twitter feeds are related to being positive and finding yourself no matter what.

So my writing has brought me to a wonderful new beginning and I hope that you will share my journey with me. I would love to connect with you. So whether you’re a writer, agent, publicist, reader, editor or author come and join me.

I hope that my writing journey and my posts will support you and encourage you to pursue your own writing, plan your own creative journey or just enjoy the stillness of the moment. I want to inspire you to move closer to your dream wherever you are along your personal journey already.

With much love and heartfelt wishes


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